If you have a damaged tooth, we will do everything we can to try to save it, but unfortunately, sometimes an extraction is necessary. Some of the more common reasons for an extraction include:

  • Too much damage/decay to be repaired
  • Too loose to save
  • Extra teeth
  • To create room for orthodontic treatment
  • Wisdom teeth that are decayed or causing pain

Before your extraction, we will take an X-ray in order to plan the best way to extract the tooth. We will ask for your full medical and dental history and any medications you take.

There are two types of extractions:

A simple extraction is used for a teeth that are fully erupted. A forceps will be used to remove the tooth.

A surgical extraction is necessary if the tooth is impacted (under the gum) or broken off. This is a more complex procedure and involves cutting the gum.

During the procedure, we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible. After the procedure, we may provide a prescription or recommend over-the-counter medications for discomfort. We will give you instructions on what to do and what to expect after surgery. If you have any questions, ask us before you leave the office.

Do you think you might need a tooth extracted? Call us at (410) 609-9975 to make an appointment.