Visiting the dentist is something that needs to happen on a regular basis. It’s recommended that people visit the dentist twice a year, more if the dentist suggests it. Whether you’re simply not good at remembering to schedule your dentist appointment or you’re not entirely sure why it’s essential to visit the dentist regularly, today’s blog is for you. 

The team at Cambridge Family Smiles is dedicated to providing our clients with the information that they need to maintain a healthy smile. In today’s blog, we are going to touch on a few of the reasons that regular dentist appointments are so important. Let’s dive in!

Deep Cleaning

We use our teeth every single day, so it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that they can get dirtied up pretty quickly. When you think about the fact that the ingredients in the food and drinks that we put into our bodies break down in our mouth, it makes sense why we need someone else to get in there and do the deep cleaning for us. From the hard to reach places (like the back of your molars) to the plaque build up on the back of your teeth, it takes a professional getting in there and cleaning to ensure you don’t wind up with cavities, or worse, because of gunk building up in your mouth. 

Reduce the Chance of Cavities

When you think of a dentist, is the first thing you think of a cavity? This is a correlation that has been around for decades. Unfortunately for us, it has given us a bad rep. Cavities are definitely something that we can help with, but the team of dental professionals at Cambridge Family Smiles is genuinely focused on preventative care so that you don’t have to deal with cavities down the road. 

Regular visits to your dentist can not only help minimize the chances of you getting cavities, but it can catch them early on if you do have a weak spot in your tooth. By simply visiting the dentist every six months, you are sure to have a smile that doesn’t hurt.

Diagnosis of Dental Diseases

Catching cavities early on is one of the benefits of visiting the dentist regularly, but it’s definitely not the only thing that can be detected early on. One of the more serious things that you have to worry about with dental care are the diseases. Some of the diagnosis in dental care happen because of genetics, though many are due to a lack of routine dental care. 

By visiting the dentist regularly, you can get the care that you need to avoid the beginning stages of more severe diseases. Even in the chance that you do wind up with signs and symptoms of a more severe disease, by regularly visiting the dentist, you can catch it early on and receive the treatment that you need to overcome it. 

Opportunity to Chat

Alright, we know it sounds silly, but we aren’t talking about a casual chat with your local dentist. While we absolutely love being able to hear about the things going on in your life, that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we mean is that routine dentist appointments give you the opportunity to speak with us about any concerns or questions that you may have. 

One of the most common treatments that we get questions about are the various transplant procedure options available. This is a treatment that can take some time to make a final decision with, so your routine dental visit is a fantastic time to start talking about the different options and whether or not they’re a good fit for you. The same goes for routine procedures like braces — visiting with your dentist regularly can ensure that you’re sticking to the right path for optimal dental care. 

Schedule Your Appointment

Now that you have an idea of just how important it is to visit the dentist regularly, it’s time to get your next appointment booked. Cambridge Family Smiles is happy to provide quality dental services to individuals in the Cambridge area and would love to get you taken care of. Simply contact our team, and let us know when you’d like to get your next appointment booked. We’ll do the rest!